1. Be Strong Ladies, there are a lot of total douchebags out there trying to fuck you.
    And then there’s a whole political party who wants to deprive you of rights too.

    Enter Bob McDonnell. This sleazy GOP Governor helped write and fully endorsed two piece-of-shit pieces of legislation: the Fetal Personhood Bill and the Mandatory Ultrasound Bill I’m honestly not sure which one is more offensive or disgusting: the idea that fetuses are people, or the idea that there should be state-sanctioned forcible insertion into a woman’s vagina (which last I checked fell under the term “rape”).

    Both those bills were in front of the Virginia State Legislature in March. By the end of that month, McDonnell had lost 13% of his approval rating, and the State Legislature lost 9%, falling from 47-38%

    After all that evidence that voters don’t agree with him and his women-hating cronies, McDonnell recently took to the airwaves to state that, “This ‘war on women’ argument is very unfortunate. It’s false, and it’s been the political theater for the Democrats for the past couple of months.”

    Now I don’t know if Gov. McDonnell is confusing Political Theatre with, I don’t know, Reality, but just to refresh everyone….

    • When you assault women’s liberties
    • When you assault women’s intelligence  (Thanks Arizona)
    • When you assault women’s moral character as it relates to their health (Thanks Rush)
    Calling something a “War on Women” when it meets those three above criteria is neither a fabrication nor a stretch, but a plain statement, like…The Moon Exists. Or, Water is Wet.

    That’s right folks; Water is Wet. And the 2011/2012 GOP agenda has been dominated by social issues, which is not what either party’s base said they wanted, and was the last thing on the minds of independents. And those social issues have not strayed from, and many would reasonably argue have targeted, women.
    So if there’s a motherfucking War on Christmas (which, as a Jew, I can tell you, we called off the war in the year IT-NEVER-FUCKING-EXISTED. The last people to wage an actual war on Christ were the Romans, and their Saturnalia is largely the basis for Christmas anyway [yeah it’s real sorts of pagan], so you know they didn’t have a problem with it), there is MOST DEFINITELY a War on Women.

    And in that war, I’m glad I’m on the side with the birth-control-popping sluts. Much more fun over here.