1. I am currently reading The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett for my Anthropology capstone course (aka the last class I have to take to “wrap up” my major). Damn I haven’t been so impressed by a book I have read for college in literally years.

    It’s easy to read, highly informative, with an argument that progresses in a measured but not laborious manner (at least, that’s how it’s gone so far, I am on on Chapter 5 as I write this). The precent connections made between social data as well as the employment of metaphor and graphs makes it something that is both intellectually stimulating, and which can actually be communicated to another person without throwing one’s arms up in the air and saying, “well, you just have to read it.”

    That being said….read this book. And almost as importantly…buy this book. Books like these need to be shown to be profitable, and scientists like Mr. Wilkinson and Ms. Pickett need to be rewarded for research that is both useful and helpful.

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