1. (Pictured Above: Bobby C)
    (Source: http://ghettofunk.co.uk/)

    So I found one of Bobby C’s tracks of this EP that dropped about 4 months ago, Jelly Belly, and it was original and innovative and downright catchy enough to warrant listening to the rest of the EP, which turned out to be an awesome decision.
    (You can get the entire EP free off of Soundcloud here). The track Jelly Belly mixes dubstep-esque womps (more of the earlier Rusko variety, not of the Skrillex variety, what I would call a  ”walking womp”) with an excellent old melody and vocal, making sure to not over-do the drop or slather the whole track in womps. 

    A more recent track of his, Sucha Good Night, integrates vocal elements from Wu Tang Clan’s Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ with some light womps and a really nice harmony that has the track playing in my head right now as I type this, despite the fact that it ended minutes ago.

    So if you are looking for some new tunes for this Summer of 2012, check out Bobby C. I doubt that you will be disappointed